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What to Wear to Your Maternity Photoshoot | Brisbane Maternity Photographer

I have a pretty detailed blog post over here about What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session and most of those tip still apply. But when you’ve got a beautiful bump to clothe as well, there are a few other useful details to know.

Celebrate the Bump

You and your bump are the star of this show and you want to make sure that your outfit really accentuates your bump. I’m a huge fan of long, flowing dresses or robes which gather under the bust. We can use them to create movement and to pull around your bump.

Here are some key points to look for:

  • Keeping your outfits simple helps create timeless photographs, so no need for anything too elaborate or big accessories

  • I love neutral colours: white, cream, grey, pale blue. And I love earthy colours like burnt orange

  • Neutral, light colours bring the focus to you and prevent clashes with each other and the location. I prefer lighter tones and to avoid dressing in all dark tones

  • If your Maternity Session is going to involve other people, my style isn’t so much matching outfits for everyone in the family – more outfits that compliment one another. Another reason to go neutral is that it’s easy to have everyone’s clothes fit well together. If someone wants to dress in a flash of colour, just remember that this will draw attention in the photo. So if you want some colour for your Maternity Session, dress yourself in burnt orange or something else bright and then everyone else in neutrals

  • For shoes, choose something neutral coloured or feel free to go barefoot when it’s comfortable

  • Lacy textures can look really beautiful for your outfit

Comfort is Key

It's so important during your Maternity Photoshoot that you're comfortable in what you're wearing. If you've tried on an outfit and are feeling uncomfortable in it, go for something else - your discomfort will show up in the final photos.

Do I Need to Get my Hair and Makeup Done?

The short answer is 'no'. The long answer is that I think you're an absolute goddess exactly as you are and that my style of lifestyle photography at your home or out surrounded by nature really lends itself to a natural look.

You are of course most welcome to get yourself dressed up and however you turn up to your shoot, you're going to look beautiful.

What to Avoid

There's a difference between 'flowing' and 'baggy'. Avoid baggy clothes over your bump, which can just look wide, rather than accentuating the curves of your bump.

You want to avoid wearing anything super tight - like a hairband around your wrist or a belt that would leave marks on your skin in the hours before the shoot.

Can I Have an Outfit Change?

Go for it. If you've got two outfits that you can't choose between, absolutely bring both. It's your photoshoot!

My Favourite Kinds of Maternity Photoshoot

Your bump is the star of the show at a maternity session and nude or semi-nude photos can be a beautiful, intimate way of celebrating this moment. There something about having some bare skin out amongst the trees, a swollen belly out in places like this that pulls on someplace deep in me. Woman having done for millennia before us and here we are as a bead on a string of beads of our ancestry.

Choosing Underwear

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Like I said, the key in a maternity photoshoot is that you feel comfortable. This isn’t a time when you have to put on your fanciest lingerie. I think a light, neutral coloured bralet and briefs look beautiful with a robe or open flowing dress.

In the case of a nude photoshoot, we have many options. All of my nude maternity photoshoots are tasteful and artistic to celebrate you in all your glory. Depending on your level of comfort, you can wear undies and bra and a robe, if you have long hair we can drape it artistically, we can use material to drape over your belly or we can use the environment around us, like a bath or lake to submerge in. You are a goddess and my role as your photographer is to capture that.

If this is something that calls to you, we'll start our photoshoot dressed in a robe or dress or whatever you choose for your shoot and then move into semi-nude or nude photos once you're comfortable and ready.

Having a Maternity Shoot Outdoors or Indoors?

I love both outdoor and indoor maternity photoshoots.

Indoor shoots can mean privacy where you can strip down to your undies and bra without worrying about anyone else around. It can mean cuddles on the bed with older kids or partners or a bath with your belly rising above the water.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then we can head outdoors. If you’re looking to have a nude or semi-nude shoot outdoors, then I can suggest some locations where we can have some privacy.

It would be an honour to celebrate this with you.


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