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What to Wear to a Newborn Photoshoot | Brisbane Newborn Photography

Let's keep it real. You've just had (or are about to have!) a baby. There are a million things to think about in the chaos and preparing clothes for a newborn photoshoot shouldn't have to be the thing occupying your attention. Here's some advice to make it quick and easy.

Go For Light, Neutral Colours and Patterns

You probably already know that I advocate for having your newborn sessions at home to avoid the chaos of having to get everyone ready, in the car and to a park with a newborn in tow. Generally in your home, there'll be less bright light than if we were outside. This gives a lovely moody, intimate feel to your photographs but does mean that lighter colours look best.

My advice here is the same for all my photoshoots:

  • Wear neutral, natural colours like white, cream, grey, pale blue, olive and if you want to throw in some colour, I love burnt orange

  • Stay away from logos or bold patterns

  • No need to match one another. By keeping colours neutral, it's easy for the whole family to have outfits that compliment one another rather than match

  • Keep accessories to a minimum especially things like big watches

  • Because we'll usually be at your home feel free to just go barefoot

Honestly, Wear Whatever You Like

Wear your trackpants and a t-shirt. Wear your maternity underwear and throw on a robe. Throw on a simple dress if you're really feeling the urge to feel human for an hour.

If you're planning on breastfeeding and you'd like some photos of you breastfeeding baby (which is 100% recommend), consider what bra you'll be wearing - I prefer no visible bra straps.

Want a bit of both? Absolutely feel free to get changed during the session.

How Dress Baby

Don't feel like you have to struggle to get them into the cute jumpsuit that you got at the baby shower.

For newborn babies, I think simpler is better. There's something beautiful about being able to see and capture the tininess of their fingers and toes. So they can be dressed in a simple nappy or swaddle for their session. I love to do part of the session with baby completely nude as well - to get all of the rolls and dimples.

What to Wear: For Men

Again, keep it simple and comfortable and if you stick to light, neutral colours without patterns or logos, it can't go too wrong.

For the top, try:

  • A plain t-shirt without a pattern or big logo

  • A jumper or sweater (avoid a hoodie)

  • A casual cotton button up shirt

For pants consider:

  • Cotton or linen pants

  • Jeans

The Rest of the Kids

Again, keep it pretty neutral and don't stress to much. Many newborn shoots involve a toddler and all the chaos that a two year old brings to the party. They're going to be running around and pulling out all the toys, so make sure they're in something comfortable as well.

Here are some recent big kid outfits for some inspiration.

Sentimental Items

If you've got sentimental or heirloom items or clothes, definitely feel free to include them in the photoshoot. Let me know what they are when you book so I can make sure to include them in our session

If you've got any questions about what to wear for your Newborn Session, just send them my way.


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