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6-Month Old Photoshoot? Yes Please | Brisbane Newborn Photography

Maybe you had newborn photos. Maybe you skipped it. Even if all the photos you have are the ones you stumble across on your iPhone, you’ll definitely be noticing the cliché of ‘they grow up so fast!’ Your once tiny baby is now laughing at the world and starting to explore.

Of course I love photographing all of the babies but six-month- olds are pretty precious and it’s a popular time amongst parents to want to capture.

What Makes Six-Month Old Sessions The.Best?

One of the dad's I was talking to about his baby said it best: she's just so sparkly now.

At around six month's old, babies start to get full of expression and energy. They start to giggle, to clap and to react in their own special way when you play with them. This makes for some beautiful candid moments of their fledgling personality.

They're curious about the world, they're obsessed with their feet which makes for the cutest photos and they're starting to sit on their own. But they're also still perfectly happy to be held by mum and dad without squirming away trying to assert their independence like a toddler.

It can also be around the time when you're thinking of weaning your baby onto a bottle and an opportunity to get some last feeding photos to remember the time by.

Not Always 6-Months Though

Having said that, the best time is not necessarily a specific month after birth but when your baby is starting to sit up confidently on their own and isn’t yet crawling.

I ask many of my clients the question ‘what advice would you give a parent getting ready for a photoshoot with their baby?’ so that I can pass along real, practical advice to my clients. When I asked this of one my clients who had just had her second session with her baby she said:

Is your baby sitting? That way less propping and more solo photos. And I love them. We actually had these photos when she was 9.5 months and if she was younger, she’d mostly be in our arms, or flopping around on the floor I think. I LOVE the photos of her sitting on the bush floor photo by herself.

Maybe it's just that by six months, you've managed to catch a couple of good nights of sleep (or perhaps you've just grown accustomed to living life sleep deprived) to feel like you could possibly have a photo session.

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