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Why my Photo Sessions are 90 Minutes Long | Brisbane Family Photographer

My standard package is a 90 minute portraiture session - be it for families, newborns, maternity photos or couples.

For some families it’s, 'do I really need the whole 90 minutes?' (and sometimes what this really means is, I don’t think my toddler will last that long!) and for others, it’s wondering if 90-minutes will be too rushed. Here's why I offer 90-minute sessions as standard.

mother kisses her baby's head

Why my Sessions are 90-Minutes

Just like you, I don’t want to feel rushed. This is an investment that you've made in capturing your family and 90-minutes is a generous amount of time to do just that. It gives us time to all meet at our location, for you to pull all your stuff out of the car, to say hi and to slowly move to our first spot where we’ll start taking pictures. I don’t want you to feel flustered.

I prepare a session plan for all my sessions so 90-minutes means we’ll have plenty of time to capture all the moments you'd expect from a session as well as all the ones you really want - your ‘must have’ shots and ideas that you love.

It usually means too that we’ve got time at the end for some more casual time - where you can have a glass of champagne on your engagement session or just chill out with your family on the beach and play while I get some candid shots.

Time for Everything

I absolutely understand that having your photo taken and being in front of a camera can be overwhelming and uncomfortable, especially right at the start. By having a long, leisurely session you’ve got time to settle in, get the jitters out of the way and still capture some beautiful, natural photographs.

There’s time for toddlers to come around to the idea of kissing their new sister, to capture the smiles of a 6-month old once they’re gotten over their nervousness of a new place and person, to feed your new baby when they're a bit cranky and have a cup of coffee, to work around a few light afternoon showers.

And don't worry, if your baby or toddler is totally done for the session - there's absolutely no pressure to keep going and there's never any shortage of beautiful photos.


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