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What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session | Brisbane Family Photographer

“What do we wear?” is the most common question I get from families preparing for their family photo session.

There is, of course, no one answer to this question but there are certain choices that I find really look good for getting timeless family photos. I'm here to share them with you to hopefully save you some time when planning for your photo shoot (so there's one less thing to think about)

Minimalist and Classic

Whether we’re out surrounded by nature or cocooned in the special spaces of your home, we want the focus to be on you and your family. Keeping your outfits simple helps create to create timeless photographs that are all about the love between you, not on what you’re wearing.

Neutral and Natural

You'll notice from seeing some of my photographs that I love neutral colours: white, cream, grey, pale blue. And I love earthy colours like burnt orange when we’re outside amongst the long grass. Whether we’re out in the bush, at the beach or in the park, neutral, light colours bring the focus to you and prevent clashes with each other and the location. I prefer lighter tones and to avoid dressing in all dark.

I also advise to stay away from logos or bold patterns.

Complimentary, Not Matching

My style isn’t so much matching outfits for everyone in the family – more outfits that compliment one another. Another reason to go neutral is that it’s easy to have everyone’s clothes fit well together. If someone wants to dress in a flash of colour, just remember that this will draw attention in the photo. So if you want some colour, dressing the baby or kids in burnt orange or something else bright and everyone else in neutrals can work best.


Like everything else, I like to keep accessories to a minimum.

For shoes, something neutral coloured works well or absolutely go barefoot when it's comfortable!

Also, have a think about any watches you usually wear – sometimes they can be distracting in your photos so unless it’s something that’s really important and sentimental to you, consider leaving it at home.

Just Be You!

But above all, this is your shoot and your photographs and whatever clothes you’re comfortable in will be perfect. My job is that you’re not even looking at what you’re wearing when you see your photographs; you’re too focused on the real emotions that we’ve captured.

Ready to capture your own perfect moments?

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