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What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session | Brisbane Family Photographer

“What do we wear?” is the most common question I get from families preparing for their family photo session.

There is, of course, no one answer to this question but there are certain choices that I find really look good for getting timeless family photos. I'm here to share them with you to hopefully save you some time and stress when planning for your photo session.

Minimalist and Classic

Whether we’re out surrounded by nature or cocooned in the special spaces of your home, we want the focus to be on you and your family. Keeping your outfits simple helps to create timeless photographs that are all about the love between you, not on what you’re wearing.

Neutral and Natural

You'll notice from seeing some of my photographs that I love neutral colours: white, cream, grey, pale green. Great accents for those include earthy colours like burnt orange, mustard and deep green. Whether we’re out in the bush, at the beach or in the park, neutral, light colours bring the focus to you and prevent clashes with each other and the location. I prefer lighter tones and to avoid dressing in all dark tones.

I also advise to stay away from logos or bold patterns.

Complimentary, Not Matching

My style isn’t so much matching outfits for everyone in the family – more outfits that compliment one another. Another reason to go neutral is that it’s easy to have everyone’s clothes fit well together.

If someone wants to dress in a flash of colour, just remember that this will draw attention in the photo. I love it when mum comes in a bright dress or baby has a beautiful wrap.

Ideas for Kids

In my sessions, I absolutely believe in letting kids be kids. They're going to crawl, to run, to pick up dirt and rocks and handfuls of sand and try and put them in their mouths. Dress them in clothes that they can do normal kids stuff in and not need constant adjusting of their clothes. Choose clothes that are weather appropriate so you're not worried during the session about them being comfortable.

Knits and overalls are cute choices.

For toddlers, keep in mind that we can end up with lots of nappy shots when dresses are involved and headbands and hairclips are often back in the bag by the end of a session, having fallen off in the exploration of a new place.

I adore the chance to grab some shots of all the rolls, dimples and squishiness of your baby, so I offer the chance for those later in the session if that's something that interests you.

Ideas for Men

To throw together something simple that will go with the whole family, a neutral button-up shirt worn casually with top buttons open and sleeves rolled up works well, or a t-shirt with a button up shirt thrown over the top - anything too formal can look stiff when it's put in a park with the fam. Pair it with neutral coloured shorts, slacks or jeans.

A knit jumper also looks great.

Have a think about any watches you usually wear – sometimes large watches can be distracting in your photos as I tend to take a lot of close ups of hands. So unless it’s something that’s really important and sentimental to you, consider leaving it at home.

Having said that, absolutely feel free to bring your own sense of style to it - these photos are meant to express who you are as individuals, as well as a family.

Accessories + Shoes

Like everything else, I like to keep bold accessories to a minimum unless they have sentimental value.

For shoes, something neutral coloured works well (I love boots!) or most definitely feel free to go barefoot when it's comfortable, like when we're having the session on the beach.

Wide brim hats are very welcome.

Just Be You!

But above all, this is your shoot and your photographs and whatever clothes you’re comfortable in and express who you are will be perfect. My job is that you’re not even looking at what you’re wearing when you see your photographs; you’re too focused on the real emotions that we’ve captured.

Once you've booked me as your photographer, I also offer personalised styling advice based on your family, session type and the location you've chosen, to make the entire experience simple and stress-free.


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