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What to Expect for Your Outdoor Family Photoshoot | Brisbane Family Photographer

Here's a little peak into what an outdoor family lifestyle photoshoot looks like with me, from start to finish.

How it Starts

For all my clients, I reach out with a questionnaire asking about your vision for the photoshoot, how you want your photos to feel and with that, if you have any ideas for where you’d like to have your photoshoot. Having your photoshoot in a location that’s really meaningful for you can add something extra to your photos. But even if you don’t have a place like that, maybe you’re a beach person. Or a bush person. Or maybe you’ve just seen photos in the long grass that you love and you want something like that. I absolutely love exploring new places outdoors so do not hold back in letting me know if there’s somewhere you’d like to go for your shoot.

If you really don’t have a preference, then I can absolutely suggest some locations based on where you live.

Once we've set a location, confirmed the time and I have all the answers to your questionnaire - all there is to do is to turn up on the day!

If you've got some questions about what to wear to your family photoshoot, I've got more information here: What to Wear to Your Family Photoshoot

On the Day of Your Photoshoot

Once we’ve set a location, we’ll meet there 90 minutes before sunset. This gives us plenty of time for last minute emergencies, saying hi and everyone getting comfortable.

What if it’s Raining?

Rain doesn’t usually make for a great time for a family photoshoot (though if you’re keen for splashing around in some puddles, then I’m always up for an adventure!) In the case of rain, I’m always happy to reschedule your family photoshoot at no additional cost.

If it’s overcast, we’ll still go ahead. Cloudy days can provide beautiful even light, giving some lovely depth to the colours outside and dramatic skies can look amazing.

Don’t Stress!

At a family photoshoot, I usually start the session easy by taking some standing portraits of everyone smiling. These don't take very long but are a nice way to get warmed up. Then we’ll move into the more casual part of the photoshoot.

I’ll guide you though the photoshoot. I’ll have a plan for the different spaces that we’ll go to at our location but I’m always flexible to your family- if we’re at a park maybe we’ll spend some time under some trees, on a picnic blanket (I provide them!), at the playground or just having a walk together. If we’re somewhere a bit wilder, we can just explore and play. There’s always time for a snack break if needed to keep everyone’s mood high.

I Know Getting Your Photo Taken Can Feel Intimidating

I can make as many or as few suggestions during our time together as needed to have you be comfortable. One of the great things about lifestyle photography is that we have an opportunity to capture the moments of you and your family just having fun and being yourselves - I just happen to be there too! But I also appreciate that it can be a bit intimidating having your photo taken so I can provide gentle guides and prompts (so you’re never left wondering ‘where am I supposed to put my hands?’) until you get comfortable.

"My husband and I are not super comfortable in front of the camera; however, Kelsie took this all in her stride and made us feel like we were having a casual morning with a friend"

For an afternoon family photoshoot, our shoot finishes when the sun sets and we have no more light- just a camera card of beautiful images. We’ll head back to the cars or meeting point before dark.

An outdoor Family Photoshoot is just a chance to go outside, have some fun, be wild, explore and capture the authentic moments of your family.


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