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Will I Tell You What To Do? Is it Gonna Be Awkward? | Brisbane Family Photographer

A really common question I get is, 'will you tell us what to do?'

I think this is a pretty natural response to doing something that you’ve never done before! For many of my clients, having a photoshoot to celebrate their newborn or their pregnancy or a first birthday is often the first time they’ve had a professional photoshoot outside their wedding day or ever! And while those newborns and two-year-olds have no problem at all in front of a camera, the adult in us often have a bit a nerves about having our photo taken.

Let me tell you how it goes.

Before we start

Before we get going, I’ll run through how the session is going to run. If we’re out on location, I’ll tell you where we’ll start and where we’ll walk to and finish up, while always keeping it flexible for you and your little ones. I’ll give you some advice for how to have your photos express the love that you already feel for one another, as you interact through the session.

I Can Offer as Much or as Little as you Need

I’m always happy to get involved as much or as little as you need me to to be comfortable. As we go through the shoots, I’ll might things like ‘let’s walk over here’ and I might give you some suggestions like ‘you could hold hands’ or ‘just put your hand here’.

Sometimes, especially when we've got a toddler with us, we might just play like you do at home - swinging around, tossing in the air or running in the grass.

You’ll naturally gravitate towards the things that are most ‘you’, without ever being lost.

I’m a Flexible and Easy-Going Photographer

I’ll be there to guide you and prompt you the whole time, stepping back when you’re in the zone of playing and laughing to just let you be and gently coming back in when the moment needs it. There’s no pressure to be a certain way and there’s always a safety net there.

It’s Impossible for You to do it Wrong

I want to reassure you that you can’t do this wrong. Even if you’re sleep deprived. Even if you feel like you’re awkward in front of the camera. As long as you bring your genuine love for your people with you, I promise that we’re good.

I want your photos to be a natural expression of your love and my role as your photographer can be to help you navigate through your nerves so that you can find the space where all the genuine love you have for your people can shine through.


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