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Why I Don’t Pose Newborns | Brisbane Newborn Photographer

One thing you’ll notice about my portfolio and my style in general is that it’s intimate and raw. There’s not too much smiling at the camera or stiff poses. For me, by keeping our photoshoots relaxed and organic, we get to capture the real you and authentic moments that really mean something to your family - long after the photoshoot is over.

The same is true for newborn photoshoots with me. I believe babies are perfect exactly the way they are. They don’t need headbands or flower crowns to make them so. For me, too many outfits or props actually distract from the magic of tiny fingers and toes, chubby cheeks and rolls all over - all the things you spend hours just staring at your new baby, being amazed at.

When I come to your house to photograph this moment in time I want you left with images of all that. Images that bring back the awe of ‘I made that human being!’ that sometimes get lost in the sleep deprivation. Photographs that capture that day in your life as it was - cups of coffee brewed, maybe a tender bath, a feed when it is time, the milk coma afterwards.

And that is the same reason I don’t pose newborns during my photoshoots. Newborns belong in the arms of the people who love them the most - not in complicated poses. The most complicated prompt you’ll get from me on your newborn photoshoot will be ‘and just give them a kiss’. Newborns know exactly how they want to move and be and in a photoshoot with me, that’s what we’ll photograph. Your new, perfect human exactly as they are.


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