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What's the Best Time of Day for a Photoshoot? | Brisbane Family Photographer

Once you’ve decided on the date you’d like your photoshoot on, the next question is usually ‘what time?’ You’ll notice on my booking calendar that I offer morning and afternoon bookings. So what’s the best time to choose for your photoshoot?

Photoshoots During Golden Hour

I do most of my outdoor shoots during golden hour, the magical hour before sunset where the light turns golden and everything and everyone looks amazing. I like to meet you 90 minutes before sunset. This gives us heaps of time for everyone to get sorted and comfortable, take a bunch of beautiful pictures in the light and so there’s no rush of ‘oh no! The sun is setting!’

Obviously, sunset happens at a different time each day, so if you book an afternoon session with me, we’ll meet at a time based on sunset on the day of your particular shoot.

Photoshoots in the Morning

Sunset doesn’t work for you but you still want to go outdoors?

For some families, sunset really doesn’t work - maybe by the time we get to 5pm, your toddler is always cranky. Not a problem. I strongly recommend golden hour for the light but if that time really doesn’t work for you then we can absolutely work something out.

For outdoor shoots, the next best time of day would be the morning. Golden Hour happens after sunrise as well and if you and your family are morning people, please feel free to get in touch.

Morning Golden Hour can be pretty early though so many families opt for a morning shoot around 9am. For this time of day, I can suggest locations that are shaded during that time so we can still get beautiful photos of you and your family.

We want to avoid the strong light of midday, where the overhead sun can create harsh shadows on your faces and make it look like you’ve got panda eyes.

Obviously outdoor photoshoots are at the mercy of the weather. If it happens to be raining on the day of your photoshoot, then I’m always willing to reschedule your photoshoot at no additional cost.

Photoshoots At Your Home

While outdoor shoots at Golden Hour have a certain kind of magic, an indoor shoot at your home may be absolutely perfect for some families - like if you’re having a newborn shoot and we want to keep it cozy and casual or maybe just to capture your family amongst your own space.

For at-home photoshoots, I meet you at your house around 9am. Having your photoshoot in the morning means everyone is still fresh and we’ve got bright light coming in through the windows of your house.

When to Book

If you want an outdoor shoot, I recommend an afternoon shoot so we can hopefully get the beautiful light of Golden Hour. Book into my 5pm slot and we’ll adjust the time based on sunset on your session date.

If you want an at-home photoshoot, I recommend a morning shoot so we can capture everyone while they’re well rested. Book into my 9am slot and if you need to move the little earlier or later, I can often accommodate your family.


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