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Your Incredible Uniqueness

Brisbane City Solo Session

A young woman  looks away standing amongst a tree with yellow flowers at a Kangaroo Point sunset photoshoot

When we got down to Em's vision for her session: light! sunshine! was the answer.

We arrived by the cliffs at Kangaroo Point with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. Every time it peeked out from the clouds we made the most of it – but either way, in my time with Em, it was impossible not to capture her incredibly unique beauty – the love of life and people that radiates from the inside.

It was a pleasure to spend our time together chatting about life, goals, the future, her business. Being in the sunshine when it graced us with it's presence but always being in Em's light.

"if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

If you're looking for a photographer to co-create your business vision with, I offer sessions across Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coast dedicated to expressing your unique brand and business.


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