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How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session | Brisbane Maternity Photography

This is Your Photoshoot. Who Do You Want With You?

Just like your pregnancy is unique, your maternity photoshoot can be so many things. For some people, it's a celebration of their family as it is in this moment, right before the addition of a new human to their tribe. For others it's about capturing the joy with their partner about what they've created together. Or it can be a celebration of your incredibly strong body and everything that's come with it over the months of your pregnancy.

So you get to decide whether you have your photoshoot on your own, with your partner or the family and what we create.

Avoid Anything That Will Leave a Mark

On the day of your photoshoot, avoid wearing anything tight like leggings or belts that might leave a mark on your skin, if you're planning on photos that show your bare belly. Even things like elastic bands on your wrist or elastic socks can leave marks and we want your skin to look as smooth as possible.

Don't Be Afraid to Show a Little Skin

Nude and semi-nude maternity photographs can be an incredibly empowering way to celebrate your body at this time - from your underwear or swimwear and a robe to tastefully nude.

I provide any fabric we use for draping but we can also use hair and the natural environment to create intimate and artistic photos of your pregnancy.

In this case, we would choose a location, either your home or out on location at a place that provides the privacy you need to be comfortable.

Have a think about whether you'd like some nude and semi-nude photos included in your photoshoot so you can share that with me in your questionnaire.


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