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How to Prepare for Your At-Home Newborn Session | Brisbane Newborn Photographer

I run my at-home newborn sessions a little differently to my outdoor sunset sessions. Let me tell you what to expect and how to prepare.

Session Times

While I do most of my outdoor session at golden hour before sunset, I run my at-home newborn sessions in the morning, around 9am. Everyone is usually a lot fresher (in the scheme of 'I-have-a-newborn') in the morning compared to the late afternoon.

If 9am really doesn't work for your family, just let me know during the booking process and we can easily find another time that does work.

I Come To You

Another big difference between an outdoor session and a newborn session is that I like to have them in the comfort of your home. This means there's no pressure to be up, get everyone dressed, get in the car and arrive on time to a park. Everything you need is right there, from nappies to coffee and I come right to you!

When I Arrive

I'll arrive at your home a little before 9am. This gives me a chance to meet any other kids and to get them comfortable with me and my camera.

I'll have a little look around the house, looking for places we can use for our session and move anything around if needed, like bringing a chair next to a window.

You Definitely Don't Have to Clean the House

No, really. When I have a look around, I'll be looking for a few spots that get good natural light. These places are often the master bedroom, the nursery or the living room. Your house doesn't need to be spotless to get beautiful photos and even these rooms don't have to be perfectly clean - we'll just be using little spaces in each.

We'll Just Follow Your Routine

Unlike an outdoor session, an at-home newborn session will be led by whatever you and your baby need, whether it's feeding, cuddles or a sleep. I'll work completely around you and your baby. One of the most relaxing things about this is that you can't do it wrong. If your baby is crying, you only need to worry about being with them - not stressing about trying to make it stop so we can move on with the photoshoot. I'm just there to capture the real moments of your life in this special time.

Bath Time

A bath can be a lovely thing to capture, especially if you were already planning one for baby, so no need to give them one before I arrive if you're interested in these photos. It can be just baby, you and baby or anyone who wants to get in with you.

It Doesn't Have to Be Hard

One big thing I hear from new parents is that they wanted newborn photos but just didn't think they could manage it on top of everything else. This is totally fair! But I want to let you know that it doesn't have to be hard or a big show. By having it at home and having it be led by what you and your baby needs, you can have the photos of these precious moments without the drama.

I Keep Sessions Free for Newborns

The arrival of new baby into the world can be unpredictable. I keep sessions set aside for morning newborn sessions, so even if it's very last minute, get in touch about capturing these special moments.


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