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How to Capture Your Baby’s First Year | Brisbane Family Photographer

Maybe you're reading this with a swollen belly, waiting to meet your new one. Or maybe they've just arrived. Or maybe you've settled into something of a routine with it all and you're just noticing how your baby is changing, right in front of your very eyes it seems.

Babies are delicious at all ages, of course, but there are a couple of milestones through the first year that can be really moving to capture and be able to look back on.

A Newborn Session

I mean, this is obvious right? You have just met your new human being. They are incredible. There’s something magical about those first few days at home with your new baby.

Because I offer at-home newborn sessions, you don’t have to worry about the now-very-complicated task of getting everything and everyone out of the house and into the car. I come straight to you and capture the magic where it’s at.

I recommend that you book your newborn photos within the first 10 days of their arrival.

I keep it simple when photographing newborns. You don’t need fancy headbands or outfits. I find that photographing newborns in their nappy, a simple swaddle or nude, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect outfit on top of everything else.

I always keep spots available in my books for newborns so if you don’t see availability on my webiste that works for you, just get in touch.

Six Months Old

Six months old is a wonderful age to bring your baby for a photoshoot to celebrate half way around the sun.

Six month old babies are curious about the world and what’s happening around them and are almost always ready to meet me with a smile! By six months, they’re clapping, laughing, ready for a giggle.

Your baby doesn’t have to be exactly six months for a ‘Six Month Photo Session’, because of course every baby is unique. A good time is when your baby can sit up on their own but is not yet crawling. This is usually between 5 to 8 months old.

One Year!

Everyone has survived the year! A little (ha!) exhausted, but here.

You’ve spent a full year with your baby. They’ve got their own full personality - things they love and completely detest. Favourite toys. New teeth. They’ve changed so much since you met them a year ago. They’re giving kisses, waving goodbye, being fabulous.

Some one-year-olds aren’t walking yet and others are out there taking on the world. One of the wonderful things about lifestyle photography is that we don’t have to try and keep putting them back into the ‘right’ position. We just get to celebrate and capture all of it.

Look Back on the Milestones

I offer Photography Bundles to make it easy to capture all the milestones of the first year and curated Photobooks to bring the highlights of the full year into one beautiful coffee table book (and the perfect answer to a Christmas present for the grandparents!)


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