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Get to Know Me: Why I Love Photographing the Little Details | Brisbane Family Photographer

There’s just something that draws me to the little things and it always has, ever since I first picked up a camera a decade ago. As a kid, we lived on acreage surrounded by bush in New South Wales and I remember when my childhood home was sold, I wanted to have photographs of the little details to remember it by - the bathtub installed by dad outside, the peacocks that used to wander around, shedding their feathers and the cicada shells that clung to the bark on the trees.

Maybe it's because of how easy it is to forget all the tiny things that make up the big, epic picture. How with all the travel photography I've done, of course I want to remember the sweeping landscapes, but also the moments of how it felt to be there - the little flowers I've never seen before, the steam rising from a bowl of noodles, how the street signs are different. A whole new, novel world of details.

Photographs of little toes are like that. A different kind of journey. A profoundly moving one. What it felt like to be the mum of this little human when you could hold their feet in your palm.

I think it’s these details that make up life but can so easily go unnoticed. One of my jobs as your photographer is to bring those little, unnoticed details into sharp relief.

It’s a joy for me to think that when your kids are older, they’ll look back at these images with the little details of their lives and they'll transported back to the specialness of their childhood.


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