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Do I Need "Getting Ready" Photos? | Brisbane Wedding Photographer

4 Reasons Why Brides and Grooms Need Getting Ready Photos

When you’re thinking your wedding day, there’s a lot. Venues, dresses, rings, food. It certainly is common to hear brides say that they’re excited for their wedding day because the planning is finally over. And then there’s the photography! You’ve spent months and months immersed in the planning for this one day and suddenly, it’s over. When it is finally over, the hugs, the tears, the love from everyone in your life - what’s left is the freezer full of cake, a lot of name-change forms to be filled out and your Wedding Day Gallery.

A lot of brides ask about when their wedding day photography should begin and whether they really need a photographer to capture the moments of getting ready. Here’s why I think you do.

Remember the Little Details

Once we get to the venue, you’ll walk down the aisle (it’ll be magical), all the people you’ve invited to be with you will want to wish you all the love in the world, we’ll take family photos, we’ll take photos of the two of you in the cocoon of your love, you’ll have eaten a couple of pieces of finger food and then there’ll be sunset. Or some variation on this. This is not to be glib - but once the day starts, it doesn’t really stop.

Having this calm space together at the start means I can be sure I get photos of all the little things - the rings you’ve carefully chosen together, the flowers fresh out of the box, the 'something borrowed' with a personal story behind it. All the little pieces of the day that you've put so much thought into for your look as a bride that go into your wedding day story.

The Moments are Unique

But more than just the details, I get to capture the moments of you and your inner circle as you start this big day. The champagne cheers. The dress going on. The moments with your people as they celebrate with you in this intimate way.

The giddiness and excitement builds. When your best friends cry seeing you in your dress (it’s your wedding day!) These moments have a different feel to the outright celebration once the ceremony starts and it's beautiful to share them and capture them for you.

Get Comfortable In Front of the Camera

I get it. Having a camera there can feel weird and distracting. Having me there early lets you get comfortable with the camera. By the time we've done candid photos of you having your makeup done, putting on your special earrings, having a Champagne with your people, the camera just fades into the background and by the time the ceremony comes around, you're ready to just focus on the moment with your partner.

This is also one of the reasons that I offer a fully included Engagement Session with my all-inclusive Wedding Day Photography Package.

Having an Experienced Guide With You

Because I’ve seen so many weddings, you can trust that I can guide you through this part of the day. I am your cheerleader and I want your whole day to be amazing- starting with getting ready and getting to your venue on time without any stress. I get to be the loving hand that guides the morning and says things like ‘it’s probably time to put your dress on now’ and ‘we should start to move to the cars now’

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