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Kandy <3 Ryan

Brisbane Fairytale Wedding

A husband and bride dance together under a tree covered in fairylights at night in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens after their Brisbane wedding

Oh my. As I was doing the final cull of these wedding photos, there was one devil sitting on my shoulder saying ‘you really should be more ruthless with this job’ and on the other ‘but she looks so. beautiful!’. Yeah. It was that second one that won. (I'm reminded of this as I try to choose only a dozen to post in here)

It was an immense pleasure to share this special day with Kandy and Ryan – after planning a wedding through a pandemic, one cancelled date and a last-minute elopement; getting to spend this Sunday with them as their photographer was incredible. To see up their laughter and joy up close as they finally celebrated in front of their friends and family.

A late lunch bled into night so we missed sunset photos but I think we got a pretty good deal with the fairy lights in exchange.

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