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Newborn Photoshoot: At-Home or On Location?

If you’ve decided upon having a newborn photoshoot for your baby, you might be wondering where to do it. Do you go to a studio, or have it outside? I believe your home is the perfect place for your newborn’s first photo shoot.

You’ve just brought home a brand new human being. It’s all a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to figure out before you settle into a routine. You’re awake every few hours. The idea of getting everyone dressed up, in the car, down to the park, is asking a bit much. I think save the outdoor photography adventure for the six months celebration. For now, let’s not force it. Let’s just be in this moment, in the cocoon of your home. Let’s keep it casual, no complicated posing, no props. Just hanging out for the morning at your own pace, having a cup of coffee, a gentle bath, a feed, a cuddle on the bed. Capturing these moments in your life as they are. I’ll gently guide you through the session with no need for things to be any particular way.

One of the things that I love in particular about having an at-home newborn shoot is that you can dress however you like. We can capture you in your bra and robe, barefoot as you potter around the house.

I’ll stay for around 90 minutes, but I always leave myself enough time at the end to stay a little longer if needed, so there’s never any rush.

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

When I first arrive at your home, I’ll ask for a quick tour (if you’ve got an older child, this can be a great way to get them involved and comfortable!) I’ll be looking for spaces with lots of natural light coming through the windows, without too much clutter around so that the focus gets to be on you and your family in the images.

If any furniture needs moving (nothing drastic I promise! Maybe just bringing a chair or the cot close to a window) then we can easily do it when I arrive. No need to do anything big to prepare.

You absolutely do not need to clean the whole house before I arrive either. When I arrive, I’ll pick one or two spaces that I think will be best to spend our time. I won’t be photographing your whole house and you’ve just done this huge incredible thing of bringing a new human being into the world - there’s certainly no judgement from me about some piles of clothes on the ground.

The Bedroom

We tend to spend a bit of time in the main bedroom at a newborn photoshoot. It’s a comfortable space, usually with a fair bit of natural light from the windows, where everyone can lie down for a cuddle or a feed.

In some houses, the guest bedroom can also be a good place if the main bedroom doesn’t get a lot of light.

The Bathroom

I love photographing the intimacy and rawness of you connecting skin-on-skin with your baby, with no distraction of baby jumpsuits or outfits. Just the incredible connection of baby and you, just like when they arrived.

I am completely comfortable with nudity and if getting some images of you and baby in the bathtub or shower is something that calls to you, then I would love to photograph the moments.

The Nursery

I recommend booking your newborn photoshoot early. This means that you’ve got your session booked for the date that you want but also means that you can focus your attention on other things as the date gets closer. One of those things, that tends to get left to the last minute, is setting up your baby’s room.

The nursery can be a beautiful space to take photographs amongst the space that you’ve created just for your new addition.

The Living Room

Along with the bedroom, the living room is often a good space with lots of natural light. This can be a fun space to incorporate pets and older siblings into your photoshoot.

After an hour or two together, I’ll sort out any furniture or spaces that we’ve moved around and I’ll say goodbye.

One of the most beautiful things, one of my favourite things, about having your newborn shoot at home is the intimacy and authenticity. Like I’m just coming in to share your newborn cocoon with you for an hour or two. It would be a privilege to share the time with you.


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